Philosophy, Vision and Values

Our Philosophy

Hospice palliative care:

  • Affirms life – “living every moment”
  • Recognises dying as a normal process and neither hastens or postpones death
  • Exists to help patients and families attain a degree of preparation for death which is satisfactory to them
  • Recognises grief as a normal response to loss
  • Is free, available in a culturally appropriate manner, and is based on need


  • Living every moment
  • Working together for quality end of life care
  • Partnering with Iwi to build cultural responsiveness
  • Communicating our message
  • Proactively working together
  • Valuing our people
  • Quality end of life care wherever you are


Leading in specialist palliative care and in enabling others
Balancing patients first with looking after ourselves and each other
Professional in all we do
Respectful in all our dealings
Valuing of the whole person
Active in quality and caring
Connected with our peers, with our community, with other providers