Hospice Heroes: Regular Giving Programme

The supporters of what was previously known as the 200 Club, give regular donations every year.

Donations can be received weekly, fortnightly, monthly, annually, or when it suits the supporter’s cash flow. Receipts are issued for donations once per year for any donation over $5 and are tax deductible.

Regular Giving allows Hospice Whanganui a regular income that assists with planning cash flow requirements throughout the year.

Money received contributes toward patient care such as meals, vehicle running expenses, medication, and other operating expenses.

An example of how your contribution each month will support your community:

  • $150 a month helps fund fuel for one vehicle for our multi-disciplinary team to visit our patients in the community. Here they receive support from our clinical team or social worker, keeping them at home and independent for as long as possible.
  • $100 a month provides meals for our inpatient patients for one day.
  • $60 a month helps to fund our 0800 number.

We will send you the bi-annual newsletter with updates on our work, and you are welcome to come and meet the Hospice team and see directly the benefits that your support helps us to provide.

You can pause, change, or cancel your regular payments at any time.

Starting to contribute is easy!

Click on the link for a downloadable brochure with Automatic Form for you to either complete & take to your bank or to set up your contributions via your own online banking.