Farming Friends

Farming Friends of Hospice Whanganui is a charitable trust established in 2005 to support Hospice Whanganui financially through their grazing scheme.

How does this scheme work?

Farming Friends buy cattle which is delivered to the farmer who has agreed to participate in the grazing scheme. When the cattle have reached slaughter weight, arrangements are made to have them processed, with the proceeds going to Farming Friends.

Farmers can take one or more cattle for grazing, or some prefer to supply Farming Friends with their own cattle, rather than receive a cattle beast to graze.

What happens with the funds that Farming Friends receive?

All money earned from the grazing scheme supports Hospice Whanganui. Farming Friends make regular financial contributions to Hospice Whanganui that is used for daily operating expenses, they contribute toward buying significant assets such as the Hospice truck for the shops, and vehicles for the clinical team to visit patients in our community.

Hospice Whanganui appreciates the significant financial contribution that is raised by this scheme through the generosity of our rural community.

For more information on how to become involved with Farming Friends of Hospice Whanganui please contact the chairman, Brian Doughty on 027 485 7903