Olga’s Story

Posted: May 22, 2015 | A story.

“Ever since Wanganui was fortunate and blessed to have Hospice established, I have never heard a negative comment on any aspect of this wonderful place.  Until one has walked in others moccasins into places, we can only imagine how it is.  But I am now walking in these moccasins and experiencing the reality of Hospice.

As soon as you walk through the doors there is a feeling of serenity, and emotions flow.  From the wonderful volunteer at the reception desk, to all the staff, they speak with people with sincerity and from the heart, and put people at ease.

At this time, I am enjoying and gaining knowledge from the Carer Support Group.  It is a series of sessions lead by Hospice staff, and makes available information and advice for family who are carers of patients using the Hospice service.  It allays fears and worries about things.  

The Carer Support sessions cover a whole range of topics, from practical things you can do to help your loved one, through to information about social services and talking with funeral directors.  I learned that Hospice can be contacted any time of the day or night so if I need help or advice in the middle of the night, I know I am able to ring the nurses.   We also discussed a little about funerals and it was good to have some advice about what to do about arranging that when the time comes.  We talked about how the roles change – Kevin always used to like to cook, and now that’s something that I’m doing.  The sessions are relaxed and comfortable and are a conversation more than a teaching session. We learn a great deal, and have a laugh as well.  It’s all good information that I might not need right now, but it allays fears and makes things seem less frightening. 

Although emotions flow, I really enjoyed that we could be together, express our feeling without prejudice and know we are with other people who are also walking down a difficult path in life.  I feel so much happier knowing that I have 24/7 back-up from such a caring, dedicated team.  Thank you Hospice.”