Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Hospice services?

Hospice Whanganui can provide care for anyone who as a terminal diagnosis irrespective of age, religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay. The majority of patients have cancer, but also other illnesses such as motor neurone disease, MS, heart failure, kidney or respiratory diseases. Hospice Whanganui provides their service free for all those under their care.

Can I have all my palliative care provided in my own home?

Most of our patients prefer to be treated in the place that they call home. You may need to be admitted into the inpatient unit at Hospice Whanganui for management of your pain and/or symptoms, but this is usually just a few days.

Will my family be part of my care and given training and assistance to do this?

Your family will be involved as much or as little as you want them to be. We have a strong support system in place which includes training and care for your carers.

If I’m admitted into an inpatient room at Hospice Whanganui does that mean that it is unlikely I will be able to return home?

In most cases when you are admitted into an inpatient room at Hospice Whanganui it is for respite care or pain and symptom management. However, there are instances when a patient wants to spend their last hours/days in the care of Hospice Whanganui as an inpatient, rather than at home.

Can my family stay with me while I’m admitted into an inpatient room at Hospice Whanganui?

Yes, your family is welcome to stay. We have a spare bed in each patient room and mattresses that we can give out as needed.

Can I stay for extended periods of time at Hospice Whanganui?

We can only accommodate 5 patients at any given time and priority is given to those that require pain and symptom management, or are in their last days and require 24 hour care. Generally the length of stay is between 3-10 days. If you require long term care in an environment with nursing staff available 24 hours per day, we can assist you into residential care.

Will a Hospice Whanganui doctor come and visit me in my home?

A Hospice Whanganui doctor may visit your home to assess you following referral and after that, as necessary. Most of the time you will be visited regularly or contacted by phone by one of our community Hospice nurses. Your GP will continue to be your doctor during this time.e.

Can I call Hospice Whanganui at any time and talk to a nurse?

Hospice Whanganui has nursing staff available by phone 24 hours per day. Our phone number is 06-3490080 or Freephone 0800 683 368.