We have Christmas Cake winners!

Posted: December 10, 2019 | Category: General

Congrats to the winner of our first fabulous Christmas Cake, R O’Brien, with ticket number 175! There’s a whole lotta cake in there, so I hope you and your family enjoy every last bite!!

The winner of the first of our beautiful glazed Christmas Cakes is Mary with lucky ticket number 62. There’s more to come so pop in and see our people at New World and score yourtickets. There’s more winning to come!

The winner of Christmas Cake number 3 (the second of our beautiful glazed cakes) is Margaret Prince with ticket number 103. Congratulations Margaret! We have one more delicious Christmas Cake up for grabs and tickets will be on sale tomorrow at the Tree of Remembrance outside New World on Victoria Avenue.

Our winner of the last of our Christmas Cakes for this year is A Shackleton with lucky ticket number 83. Thank you everyone, for your support and we’re only sad that there can only be one winner for each prize… We really appreciate you taking a chance on our raffles.