Mothers’ Day High Tea

Posted: May 16, 2017 | Category: General

Big thanks to the Chronicle for gate-crashing (in the best possible way) our High Tea on Sunday. It was fab to see a write-up on Monday morning inside the front page, and a great boost to our Awareness Week efforts! Around 90 people joined us for the event at Heritage House, which was in part a fundraiser for Hospice, an awareness-raiser for Hospice and also to showcase retail, the lovely things we have in-store and how critical Hospice shopping is to our fundraising effort.

Our reality is that our service is only partially funded so we are heavily reliant on the goodwill of the community we care for. What that means for that community is that should they or someone they love ever need Hospice services, all of those services are provided free of charge.

It means that there is no cost to our patients or their family when we provide: access to Hospice doctors and nurses whether here at the inpatient unit, or at home; everything from meals to medications while patients are in the unit; equipment in the home and 24 hour access to advice and support; access to the support of volunteers, pastoral support, carer support and the social worker in delivering a total programme of care for the patient and their family.

Warmest thanks to EVERYONE who contributed to the High Tea… the staff and volunteers who gave up their time to help make it a success, the sponsors and those who gave of their resources, and to the guests who came along and supported Hospice. We’re delighted – thank you all!