Hospice Awareness Week: helping people from all walks of life

Posted: May 15, 2023 | Category: Community Fundraiser, Family

There is a common misconception that Hospice is a sad place. Frances Brown, wife of the late Martin Brown, says Hospice is nothing of the sort, with friendly staff who go beyond the call of duty to help its patients.

“I felt that the nurses that came out to our home went over and above, without fail. They felt more like friends, they really cared about all of us in the situation. Doctor Simon was marvellous and very witty. He told me, ‘Once you’re a nurse, you are always a nurse.’ I felt like I was listened to and my opinion was respected.”

Martin Brown
Martin Brown served in Vietnam as a doctor with the New Zealand Navy from 1970.

Martin joined the RNZ Navy at 21 years old in 1970 and served in Vietnam as a member of the Combined Services Medical Team. To help Hospice Whanganui continue to provide care, Frances is donating an ophthalmoscope from Martin’s time in Vietnam for the Hospice Whanganui Auction.

Frances says, “I want that to continue for many years to come, so if by donating this item will help enable them to do so. It’s a historic memory of a terrible time when good men helped others when they could. I am proud to say my husband Martin Brown was one of them.”

The auction takes place on October 15 and Hospice are accepting donated items of value or significance to be sold to raise funds. If you have a piece that you think would be suited for the auction, please contact us.

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