Creating gifts with love…

Posted: January 21, 2021 | Category: General, Volunteers

Just before Christmas, Maureen Little who is a volunteer for Hospice, popped in to the inpatient unit with a beautiful gift. She and Tracey, our social worker had had a conversation about quilts and the possibility of having some for the beds in the unit. Not too much time passed and Maureen, with said quilts, arrived at the front door having got on-the-job and made these SIX for us! Wow.

Those of you who are ‘crafty’ will know that quilting is no mean feat and needs a lot of dedication, love and an eye for detail – not to mention the creative process involved in designing the thing in the first place! So when Maureen arrived with six quilts in tow and gifted them to us, it was a magnificent moment. The one with the heart went straight on to the bed one of our patients who we felt would just love it – and she did! Maureen is pictured here with Tracey and happily displayed her works of art for me to photograph. Thank you Maureen. Such a special gift, not only of your time, but of yourself. They will be treasured, loved and well used!