Hospice Garden Remembrance

Hospice Garden Remembrance

Facebook Event Type: Family Support
Time/Date: 11:00am - 1:00pm, 1 April 2023
Location: Hospice Whanganui

Come & join us to celebrate the memory of your loved one in our beautiful space.

The Day

  • 11am: Blessing / karakia to open the day set around the new ‘Bowl of Remembrance’ (this is currently being created and donated by McDonald Concrete Group)
  • 12pm: The Tree Planting Remembrance (maple tree donated by Mr and Mrs Pfeffer)
  • 1pm: Blessing / karakia to close

The gardens will be open for the whole community to come and remember those that gone before us, by sitting in the garden, having light refreshments, having a picnic in the garden under the trees/under the gazebos/on beanbags.

The Chapel will be open for those who want a space to reflect, light a candle, share their thoughts throughout the day.

The memory bowl will be available for those who want to put a flower in remembrance.

There will be mirimiri (massage) available, the making of garden fairies and trees donated by the prison to give away.

We will have light music in the background. The idea is to have a fluid experience to wander, meet others and to relax.

There is no cost to anyone for anything.