Cut it or Keep it?

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D-day has come and gone and here is the result!  The cut-it team collectively donated the most money, so cut it I did!  To prove that I am indeed a woman of my word, here's the photographic evidence! My particular thanks to Carol at Chonel who so generously donated her time and expertise to do the cut and colour, ensuring that every dollar donated stays with Hospice - thank you Carol!  Big thanks also to Paul Brooks from the Midweek and the team at 92.8 More FM who gave this wee fundraiser a plug for me.

A little bit of love especially for those of you who voted to keep my hair. I hope you know your dollars matter to Hospice, and that my hair will soon be on its way to "Locks of Love" who, if they can use it, will make a hairpiece for a child who has lost their hair. You did good - in more ways than one!  The total raised for Hospice is over $650.00.