2018 Remembrance Service

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Christmas, the holiday season and New Year can be a time that people dread, especially if they have lost someone that they have loved. It is meant to be a high point of the year, a time of celebration and looking forward – reinforced by happy families and smiling faces on TV and other adverts. It is extremely difficult for people who cannot feel happy, and only see the empty space at the table.

Hospice Whanganui sees the need, particularly at this time of year, for a ceremony whereby losses can be acknowledged; grief can be shared and mutual support can be given in a caring and understanding environment. We do this by hosting a Remembrance Service.

The Remembrance Service will be held at 2pm on Sunday, 25th November. It will be held at Christ Church Anglican, 243 Wicksteed St, and led by Rev David Bebarfald, the Hospice Pastoral Support worker. Afternoon tea will be served afterwards in the Lower Lounge.

Although the service is held in a church, people of any faith or no faith are welcome.