Community Visiting

These volunteers work with our patients in their own home or place of residence and have two functions. 

They can provide respite for a carer, by coming into the home and allowing the carer to have some time away, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is safe and cared for.  It is an enormous emotional, physical and mental commitment to provide constant care, and with the help of Hospice community visitors, carers have a few hours to recharge and refresh themselves.  It means that there is an opportunity to reconnect with themselves and have some time to focus on things which are soley their own.  

Community visitors can also spend time with patients who have limited contact with friends or family and may benefit from companionship.  It might be a visit in their home or place of residence for a cuppa in the kitchen, it might be a visit to the beach to watch the waves and enjoy an icecream on a sunny day. The visits and any activity are by mutual agreement.

Volunteers are especially selected and trained, and their services are available by having a referral made by the Hospice clinical team.