Pastoral Care

Hospice Pastoral Care is available to provide spiritual support and care.

While respecting the faith systems of all, our Pastoral Care support service nurtures the well-being of Hospice patients, care-givers and families/whanau.  It provides for an appropriate liaison with spiritual leaders, and offers consultation, education, resources and training in areas of spiritual well-being.

Our Pastoral Care support person is here to listen to the patient's and family's stories, their hurts, their concerns and joys, believing that there is great healing in being heard.  There is availability to assist the patient and family in exploring and their beliefs and values, for the purpose of fostering and nourishing spiritual well-being.  It is not their objective to change or challenge beliefs or values held by patients or family members.

The Pastoral Care support person is available to walk alongside patients and families if they wish to pray or perhaps read scripture.  Spiritual counselling is available, or to share conversations that may help alleviate feelings of anxiety. Some of these conversations might be about moving through difficult decisions; how to better cope with the challenges towards the end of life, or how to manage the prospect of grief and loss.  All manner of conversation is possible during this important time.