Clinical Care

The Hospice clinical team comprises doctors, nurses and care assistants.

The Inpatient Unit is staffed 24/7 by an experienced team of doctors and nurses caring for up to five patients in this setting.              

  • Symptom and pain management and also end of life care are provided.                    
  • Average length of stay at the unit is around  7-10 days. Most patients will then return to their homes and care will continue via our community nursing team.
  • Everything from meals to medications are provided.
  • Most of our patients come to Hospice for symptom management and usually stay a few days. Family members are welcome to stay also.
  • Some patients come to Hospice for respite care which is for a week.
  • Some of our patients die at the inpatient unit.
  • Some patients are discharged from the service because they no longer have palliative needs.