Our volunteers contribute to the Hospice service in a wide variety of ways.

What can I do as a Hospice volunteer?

Volunteers are a vital resource in the Hospice program of care.  Whether working in the inpatient unit, sitting at the bedside to give comfort and support, helping to fundraise, answering the phones, working in retail, gardening or writing biographies, volunteers play an important role in bringing Hospice’s unique services to patients and their families, both directly and indirectly.

Some of the tasks our volunteers undertake:

  • Working in our retail stores
  • Assist with housekeeping duties in the inpatient unit
  • Supporting community based fundraising events for the benefit of Hospice
  • In-house event assistance
  • Reception duties
  • Provide support to bereaved families
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • The writing of biographies
  • Companions/Visitors
  • Handyman tasks
  • Relieve family caregivers for short periods of time

Is being a volunteer for me?

Our volunteers find a great deal of satisfaction in making an important difference in the lives of the patients and families they meet through Hospice.  Hospice Whanganui provides an initial interview and orientation for all volunteers, and some components may vary depending on your position with us. If you have questions about what orientation might entail, please ask.

While you are a member of our volunteer staff you may be offered the opportunity to enhance your understanding of Hospice and experience as a volunteer through extra training. A regular newsletter keeps all our volunteers up-to-date with happenings at Hospice and support is always available through your immediate supervisor or the Volunteer Services Manager.

 If you have any inquiries about volunteering for Hospice, please contact Valda Brechmanis, Volunteer Services Manager on (06) 349 2697.