Volunteer at Hospice

Almost everyone has heard of Hospice. Almost everyone has an idea of what Hospice does. But not so many people know what it takes to provide Hospice services to our community.

Our Volunteers have an enormous role to play in ensuring the continuity of those services to our community, and statistics show that they have contributed on average, almost as many service hours to Hospice as our nursing, medical and administrative staff. Most of our Volunteers work for just a few hours a week; others are able to offer a larger commitment of their time. Whatever the preference, the sum total of that contribution is so significant that we recognise our Volunteers as a vital, stable, reliable workforce, without which we would be unable to function.

All hospice care and support is provided free of charge, we are extremely grateful for the support we receive from government, but we still need the support of people like you to make donations or to become a volunteer.

There are many ways you can get involved with hospice - for example donate your time or money, donate goods for any of the second hand shops around the country, shop at our hospice shops, leave a gift in your Will to hospice, run your own event for hospice or attend one of our events.  The possibilities really are endless!

All care and support provided by hospice is completely free of charge, in 2014 it will cost just over $99M to do this. 

As an essential health service, hospice's receive the majority of funding from Government, but financial support from the community is essential to meet the shortfall - in 2014 that total will be around $42M nationally.